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GyrocompassMaintenance of Raytheon and Sperry gyrocompasses on Sedco 702 drilling rig, offshore, GhanaLive PreviewClient: Sedco Drilling Rig GhanaBudget: NoneClient site: www.sedco.comServices: ProcurementInstallationMainetenance...

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Southern Avionics

Southern AvionicsMaintenance of Southern Avionics NDB on Sedco 709 drilling rig- Offshore NigeriaLive PreviewClient: Sedco 709 drilling rigBudget: $0Client site: www.sedco.comServices: Maintenance...

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Orbit stabilized VSAT

Orbit stabilized VSATInstallation of Orbit stabilized VSAT system for AGIP on MG Hulme drilling rig-Offshore NigeriaLive PreviewClient: Agip Budget: $Client site: www.agip.comServices:...

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Sailor GMDSS

Sailor GMDSSInstallation and maintenance of Sailor GMDSS console on Adriatic 8 drilling rig-Offshore, NigeriaLive PreviewClient: Adriatic 8 drilling rig-OffshoreBudget: Client site: www.example.comServices:...

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