Telecommunications Services


In order to offer the best service and investment results for our clients, The Radial Circle Group has carefully pruned her services and partners over the past few years. Our telecommunications partners are leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of telecommunications equipment in voice, video, data, test equipment and others.We are known for quality of service and timely delivery of services and projects over the years. Our major telecommunications services are listed below:

  • Offshore Rig & FPSO Communication Systems
  • Radio Transmission & Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Data Communications & Networking Solutions
  • Voice Processing Systems & PABX
  • Power Systems (DC Battery Backup/Solar Energy)
  • Lightning and Surge Prevention Systems
  • Satellite Solutions (VSAT-Stabilized & Fixed Systems, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya)
  • Entertainment Systems (TVRO), Explosion Proof Paging Systems
  • EPIRB / GMDSS & Ship Security Alert Systems
  • Marine Electronics & Navigational Systems (Radars, Gyro compasses, etc)
  • Explosion Proof and Underwater CCTV Systems
  • Aviation Communication Systems (NDB, etc.), Metocean Services